Birmingham Investment Property for Sale

Birmingham Investment Property for Sale

Birmingham, Alabama has become a hotspot for real estate investors in recent years, and this Birmingham investment property for sale is a prime example of why. Situated on a quiet street, this cute three-bedroom home offers a great opportunity for those looking to expand their investment portfolio.

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One of the standout features of this property is the brand-new roof, ensuring that investors won’t have to worry about any major repairs or expenses in the near future. A new roof not only adds value to the property but also attracts potential tenants who are seeking a well-maintained home.

Birmingham Investment Property for Sale

With two spacious bedrooms, a sunroom, and a large family room, this property offers ample space for tenants to make it their own. The sunroom is an especially desirable feature, as it can be utilized as a home office, a playroom, or even a peaceful reading nook.

The eat-in kitchen provides a cozy space for tenants to enjoy their meals, and the fenced backyard offers privacy and security for families with children or pets. A fenced yard is always a desirable feature for tenants, as it allows them to enjoy outdoor activities and entertain guests in a safe and private environment.

What makes this property even more appealing is its income-generating potential. Currently rented for $697 per month, this investment property provides a steady stream of cash flow for investors. With a tenant already in place, investors can start profiting from day one without the hassle of searching for a reliable tenant.

Investing in rental properties in Birmingham is a smart move, as the city’s real estate market has seen steady growth in recent years. The demand for rental properties, especially in quiet neighborhoods, remains high, making this investment property a great addition to any investor’s portfolio.

Birmingham offers a diverse and growing economy, attracting professionals and families looking for affordable housing options. By investing in this three-bedroom home, investors can tap into this demand and capitalize on the city’s thriving rental market.

In conclusion, this Birmingham investment property for sale presents a fantastic opportunity for investors. With a brand-new roof, spacious rooms, a sunroom, and a fenced backyard, this home offers a comfortable living space for tenants. Additionally, its income-generating potential and its current tenant in place make it an attractive investment option. Don’t miss out on this chance to add a profitable asset to your portfolio in Birmingham’s thriving real estate market.


Birmingham Investment Property for Sale
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